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Atherton's CiCi Bellis, 16, shown in action at the Bank of the West Classic in Palo Alto on Aug. 3, 2015. (Photo by Celso Bayo)

The moment CiCi Bellis burst onto the national spotlight at last year's U.S. Open with an upset of then-No. 13 Dominika Cibulkova, becoming the youngest player to win a match at the Grand Slam event since Anna Kournikova in 1995, it became a question of "when" rather than "if" the tennis prodigy from Atherton would turn pro.

That was a topic of discussion Monday at the Bank of the West Classic, which has been hosted by Stanford since 1997.

"I remember that match against Cibulkova, I watched the end," said Poland's Agnieszka Radwanska, the No. 7-ranked player in the world and potential opponent for Bellis had she advanced past the first round. "But I don't really know her, so I think that would be a good challenge to play a young and very talented American. I know that she's more also into going to college as well. That is very surprising that with her potential she wanted to do something else as well."

A wild card entry making her debut at the Bank of the West Classic, a tournament she grew up watching from the stands, the 16-year-old lost her singles match 6-3, 7-6 (3) in the main draw at Taube Family Tennis Stadium. It's a court she may call home in a few years if she chooses to attend Stanford.

But would college tennis be a detriment to her development as a tennis player?

"No, not at all," Bellis said. "I mean, college is definitely still an option for me. Especially right now, being 16 still. I actually have an SAT tutor right now, so I've been working really hard on that. It just depends on where I am in a couple of years before I go there and where my ranking is and how I've been doing."

She entered the week ranked No. 157 in the world with a 14-9 record in WTA and ITF events. In her second Grand Slam appearance, Bellis was eliminated in the qualifying draw for the French Open at Roland Garros in May.

"Seeing the level there and seeing how much the girls wanted to win every single point, hit every single shot as best as they could, it was really good for me to see," Bellis said.

One WTA pro that Bellis could approach for advice is Nicole Gibbs, who won back-to-back NCAA women's singles titles as a Cardinal in 2012 and 2013. The 22-year-old turned pro after her junior year on The Farm and finished her first full year as a pro ranked No. 84 in the world.

"I think Stanford was so crucial for my development as a player," said Gibbs, who reached the main draw as a qualifier. "I went a year early, so I was still very much a scrawny high school kid. I was still 17 when I went to school, and I desperately needed those years to kind of first of all ground myself as a person, and second of all to develop as an athlete. And with the culture around here and such a great Stanford tennis family, I was really able to thrive."

Gibbs can't cite any drawbacks to her three years at Stanford and wouldn't change a thing if given the option. Under the tutelage of Stanford head coach Lele Forood and associate head coach Frankie Brenna, she learned how to grind out a tournament, how to deal with soreness and elevated the aggressiveness of her tennis.

So should Bellis follow in her path?

"It's so tough because I haven't sat and watched CiCi play extensively," Gibbs said. "I've seen obviously highlight reels from the U.S. Open, where she looked like she could be a top-20 player really quickly. But so often it doesn't work out that way for young girls. So I think it's so personal to what kind of a couple of years that she's having before she has to make that decision, and what her family feels is important.

"I really wouldn't advise one way or the other. I just think I had a great experience at Stanford, and I want as many people to share that as possible. But if she thinks she's ready to go pro, I would never tell her otherwise."

Radwanska, who turned pro at 16 and has earned more than $18 million in her 10-year career, felt more comfortable making a recommendation.

"If I were her, I would play pro, I think," Radwanska said. "That's the best timing to start. And if she played that kind of tennis, because she wanted to play great tennis, then of course when you want to play tennis you want to be a pro. And I think there's always time for college, and to be a pro later can be just too late."

Madison Keys, ranked No. 18 in the world and the top American at the Bank of the West Classic, turned pro the moment she turned 14 years old, which is the minimum age requirement to play on the WTA or ITF women's circuit.

"For me, it was different," said Keys, 20, when asked to provide advice for Bellis. "I never wanted to play college tennis. If I went to college, I wanted to do other things. I wanted to try to get in on a scholarship and just focus on studies and things like that. For me, I wanted to be a professional tennis player and if that didn't work, then I was going to try something else. So for me it was kind of an easy decision.

"I think I was lucky that I decided so early, because I think the longer that I waited the tougher it would have been to decide. But I think it's one of those things where you kind of just have to make the decision, and once you've made that decision not look back and think what if."

Time will tell what path Bellis chooses to follow. She's listed at 5-foot-6 and 110 pounds, but who knows what she will look like in a year or two as she continues to mature.

"I hope I'm still growing," Bellis said with a laugh. "I think I grew a little bit in the last week, fingers crossed."

Next up?

Bellis is considering playing at a $100,000 ITF event two weeks from now in Vancouver. She also applied for a wild card into the U.S. Open and looks forward to a return trip to Flushing Meadows, N.Y.

"Obviously going back there, it's going to bring back some really good memories," Bellis said. "And hopefully really good tennis, too."

Soon enough the tennis might be deemed good enough to turn pro.

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'Man From UNCLE Season 1? DVD Review: - Breitbart News

Kuryakin is each bit as capable as Solo, but as a true blue Communist along with Russian patriot, he's the tad constipated.

As famous as "The Man Coming From U.N.C.L.E" is, so which as prolific as my television viewership continues to always be able to be regarding likely about half the century now, until I received the review screener in the just-released DVD collection regarding series' debut season, I had not witnessed even one episode regarding certainly 1 of probably your most durable and also beloved television series actually made.

On leading of this you've a few nifty gadgets and a bevy involving ridiculously gorgeous women who're charitable enough in order to show up in each and every as well as every episode.

I deliver good news: Fans regarding Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin get nothing to worry about.

"The Man Coming From U.N.C.L.E: Season "1 is available at

The method regarding each as well as every episode primarily involves an exotic locale, a new guest star playing an exotic THRUSH operative as a lot as something devious, plus an innocent bystander (oftentimes a beautiful woman) caught in the middle.

The American Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and Russian Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) are usually globe-trotting super agents doing work for U.N.C.L.E., which in turn is an acronym with regard to United Network Command pertaining to Law as well as Enforcement. The initial season contains 29 involving individuals episodes and can be also the just real season filmed throughout black and also white.

I watched any total associated with 10 episodes, plus it took more than 50 % of these for me to trap upon as to the the joy is just about all about. action and adventure exhibits from the stylish sixties ("Mission: Impossible," "Star Trek," especially "The Wild Wild West") are usually with regards to as good as escapist television gets. of course, the variety of exhibits that will enthralled us as youngsters have got aged horribly.

Gadgets, girls, and guns -- God bless America.. the widespread enemy which has brought American and Russian with each and every other at the height with the Cold War will be THRUSH, the worldwide crime organization.


Launched throughout 1964, along with certainly 1 of countless James Bond rip-offs regarding its time, "The Man Coming From U.N.C.L.E." would operate with regard to four seasons as well as 105 episodes on NBC. The Particular production values, stunt perform and also cinematography pale, with regard to example, in contrast in order to "The Wild Wild West," which furthermore opened having a monochrome season.

The real appeal involving "The Man Through U.N.C.L.E" is Vaughn along with McCallum, that are nothing short involving superb inside their respective roles as well as discuss a new truly distinctive screen chemistry. Even though they may possibly be two totally various men using 2 totally different worldviews, without having at any time acquiring mushy or perhaps on-the-nose, the particular affection Solo and Kuryakin have got for one these guys obvious and their West vs. Solo along with Kuryakin arrive around the scene searching an awful lot just like secret agents operating undercover, are generally eventually caught, and eventually escape in order to save your day.

Follow John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC               

What tends to make this even odder is the really fact that "The Man Coming From U.N.C.L.E." is appropriate within my wheelhouse. East dialogue is actually each intelligent along with hilarious.

The best review I may give "The Man Through U.N.C.L.E." Season one is the fact that I'm now any fan getting excited about viewing the particular remaining 95 episodes, and a lot more curious concerning next week's upcoming silver screen version.

Solo is actually our Bond stand-in: impeccably dressed, deadly, the ladykiller and also quip master. The Particular sometimes clumsy action along with obvious back-lots standing in pertaining to exotic foreign cities initially turned me off. Pertaining To any while, the particular demonstrate has been such a pop culture sensation that episodes had been edited together into zero less than eight feature films released all over the actual world


Unchained Midlands Project Helping Local Dogs -

We love animals and also after meeting together with the girl (Alison) there's silly certainly not to."

If you would like to donate towards the actual program, just visit the Pawmetto Lifeline site or even in the wedding you mail a new check, just place Unchained Midlands inside the subject line.

King provides a fresh fenced in area to run and also play. (Photo: WLTX)

Now they've got that will chance by means of the actual program, the concept is often that any straightforward fence contributes to freedom with regard to pets whom was lacking it simply because they will take presctiption chains. He says, "My wife and also I have got three dogs. Your Woman says, "Palmetto Lifeline's mission would end up being to finish pet over population in our community. About Monday, it's King's family: a grandmother raising 6 of your ex grandchildren.

Gibbons explains your process, saying, "I came more than introduced myself mentioned we'd love to build a fence pertaining to you, the sole factor the particular client requirements to do is manage to obtain thier pet spayed as well as neutered. And Also part of carrying out that is acquiring pets spayed or even neutered, and also that's why we need in which for this program yet another part of what we do is attempting to improve animal welfare, along with that's furthermore what this does, can be improving the quality of lifestyle regarding this dog."

King had his appointment last week and also had been also micro-chipped. This is the third installation since the plan began. Gibbons tells Information 19 the girl called 15 fence companies along with Midlands Fence was the person who responded; donating the actual provides and labor for the initial construct and also investing donate labor for each and every as well as every build. Then Gibbons meets the actual family. EDT August 4, 2015

King features a brand new secured region to perform and play.(Photo: WLTX)

A Amount Of Midlands dogs are generally obtaining the chance for a a feeling of freedom with a new plan referred in order to as Unchained Midlands.

"There are generally so lots associated with people in our community using dogs Living in a series and several of them would do otherwise, if they could afford to complete so," says Alison Gibbons with Pawmetto Lifeline.

But the lady says they know it takes the city partnerships to create progress happen, "I imply it will take a team to produce adjust happen, and also collectively we're carrying out it."

Columbia, SC (WLTX) A Few Midlands dogs are usually obtaining a new chance for a feeling of freedom using a new program called Unchained Midlands.. It's most likely the most rewarding feeling a new human being could have."

A client who includes a chained dog can be referred both by Richland County Animal Manage or even someone else. Owner Cody Gillespie says careful analysis donate came easy. He says, "It's such as Christmas, Its that will excitement of them being appreciative of one thing they didn't formerly have. the fencing costs anywhere through $300 for you to $500; a price many canine owners can't afford. Gibbons says, "We wish each dog could potentially be an indoor pet, however that's just not necessarily the truth regarding just about all pets, living in the secured location results within a better quality of life for that dog."

Read or perhaps Discuss this story:

Mary Sturgill, WLTX 8:33 p.m. Gibbons says the plan assists family members as well as dogs. And Also the girl said, we would love to complete that."

Gibbons says being off the chain provides dogs a new chance for further exercise-which results in much better well being plus they tend to be much less aggressive simply because they get more exercise. He says viewing the dog's excitement after they tend to be off the particular chain and may run around is actually priceless


In Brazil, Scientists Discover Unknown Carnivorous Plant - NPR

This text might not be in its final form and may become up-to-date or even revised within the future. Go to our site regards to use and also permissions pages with pertaining to further information.

GREENE: OK, therefore I guess that will man-eating plant from "Little Go shopping of Horrors," Audrey II, remains just fictional - no less than so way as we know.. Please end up being conscious of the actual authoritative record involving NPR's programming is the audio.

GONELLA: Your colors tend to be amazing, very showy in contrast for the remaining vegetation.

PAOLO GONELLA: That only agreed to be a normal day. Therefore it features a truly nice red colour along with glistening tentacles.


A team associated with botanists offers discovered a manufacturer new species associated with carnivorous plant in Southeastern Brazil -- following discovering it inside a photo posted about Facebook.

A month as well as two later, Gonella plus some colleagues returned to that mountain to be able to find the unidentified plant. I had been about Facebook checking what will end up being the news in my newsfeed. Feed me all night long (laughter). all legal rights reserved. Feed me most night long. (Laughter) That's right, boy. A New fellow plant enthusiast had taken the photo while hiking on a mountain within southeastern Brazil.

Copyright © 2015 NPR. Also though rapid ejaculation among the particular largest carnivorous plants in the Americas, Gonella says folks have absolutely absolutely nothing to fear.


Now a new scientific discovery located adrift in a sea associated with selfies as well as party photographs about social media. and right away, they will knew it was some thing they'd not witnessed before.

MONTAGNE: This was obviously a picture of a plant he'd by no means arrive across. last year, Brazilian botanist Paolo Gonella was online.

GREENE: those bright tentacles had been covered in the sticky glue that may help this plant ensnare unfortunate insects. An Individual can do it. And Also then I saw this photograph.

GONELLA: It can capture dragonflies along with butterflies and also bees, but it will be not very dangerous for you to many animals.


MONTAGNE: they named it the actual magnificent sundew along with revealed their particular findings in the scientific journal Phytotaxa. 'Cause in the wedding you feed me, Seymour, I could grow up...

NPR transcripts are manufactured on a rush deadline by a contractor for NPR, as well as accuracy as well as availability may vary. Gonella and his team took specimens as well as confirmed which it absolutely was a manufacturer new species.

LEVI STUBBS: (As Audrey II) (Singing) Feed me, Seymour. Feed me, Seymour


Authors and Panels That Inform and Provoke Define Book Festival - The Vineyard Gazette - Martha's Vineyard News

Norris said.

The Martha's Vineyard Guide Festival begins Saturday with 9:30 a.m. Racism [has been part of] this country since its beginning. all author events upon Saturday and also Sunday are free and open up to the public.

Released 2 months in front of timetable inside July, Ta-Nehisi Coates's new book, In Between your world as well as Me, has produced waves round the country, using its individual along with devastating take a peek at the particular institutional and frequently unseen racism underlying American culture.

Read much more in regards to the authors as well as books featured in this year's Martha's Vineyard E-book Festival.

"There is this wonderful cross-pollination on-Island that you don't usually discover in American beach or perhaps resort or even vacation communities," the girl said. Coates's 1st visit for the Island. Matt Hobart from Gannon as well as Benjamin Boatyard will introduce him upon Sunday.

Local food along with food sustainability help to make up an additional theme this year, together with textbooks along with appearances simply by locals Chris Fischer, Ali Berlow, Laurie David along with others. Mr. Coates as becoming overly pessimistic, but he sees optimism along with pessimism as beside the point. "/>

The term "post-racial America" is not only inaccurate, Ms. Upon Sunday, individual author talks as well as one-on-one interviews carry on under three various tents around the grounds in the Chilmark community Center, beginning with 9 a.m. Your discussion will come with an opportune time, Ms. Fire Shut Up inside My Bones, through Ny times columnist Charles Blow, recounts your author's youth in a segregated Louisiana city and the journey of self-discovery.

-- Nina Subin

The festival closes Sunday evening using a discussion concerning the future of news, together with Mr. "But a racial make-up is a component of your tapestry regarding America," the girl said. "And there can be a level of integration here -- social integration, cultural integration, racial integration, class integration." more than just a summer retreat, the girl said, the actual Vineyard is truly a place associated with engagement. "So we attempt to strike the proper balance."

"This entire notion of a post-racial America offers usually been curious to always be able to me," stated Ms. Blow, Jeff Fager of CBS, as well as former Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank. "No 1 understands what's likely to happen," he said. "Why would we want to render that invisible?"

Written from individual experience, the ebook takes the actual form of a letter for you to Mr. Norris said, when In Between the actual world and also Me can be striking the literary scene, within the midst of national outrage more than racial violence, so when the writer himself prepares to maneuver for you to Europe together using his family.

Racism, each overt along with unseen, can always be a theme within this year's book festival. Coates have got shared takes place within the past, yet in absolutely no way around the Vineyard. in the Harbor View Resort within Edgartown. "What's really interesting in my experience like a journalist along with a researcher, so which as a new writer, is why it entered your lexicon so quickly," the lady mentioned in the term. In Order To learn concerning and also participate in Your Race Card Project, visit

Some in the fiction at this year's festival features a seafaring theme. The Particular dialogue also kicks off this year's Martha's Vineyard E-book Festival, which in turn features talks, interviews along with panel discussions together with 31 authors all through your weekend inside Edgartown as well as Chilmark. "It turns out that concentrating it that way as well as knowing immediately that I has been talking to assisted clarify what I wanted to say as well as what I thought."

The Vineyard is actually a spot to relax, but inside addition to become able to investigate ideas, stated Ms. "It truly is this fantastic opportunity to speak to any author whose work provides just exploded around the literary landscape with such force -- at the minute in which that is happening," Ms. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alex Jones will moderate your discussion.

A group of group discussions having a wide range of authors begins Saturday with 9:30 a.m. Coates's 15-year-old son Samori, inside the spirit associated with James Baldwin's 1963 classic, the Fire Subsequent Time. It's a portion of what made this country possible."

Ta-Nehisi Coates opens your festival using a discussion about race within America. Coates, an award-winning journalist and national correspondent pertaining to the Atlantic, had originally put down to create a collection involving essays about the Civil War. Coates explains to his son in one chapter that the killings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown as well as other unarmed black men at the hands involving white cops must occur as not surprising in the nation rooted within black oppression.

Mr. "First of in order to figure out what you are generally saying, and to state it as clearly as possible." In Between the world and also Me is at large component a fitness inside achieving clarity. Coates's private journey. "Why did journalists embrace it?"

"In America, it is classic for you to destroy the actual black entire body -- it is heritage," he writes. Coates stated associated with his composing process, in the conversation with the Gazette this week. Norris, who leads the particular Race Card Project, a new national initiative to end up being able to foster the dialogue with regards to race throughout America. Numerous associated with individuals authors will discuss the future of the neighborhood meals movement on Saturday at 11:30 a.m.

The speak in Friday might touch about the topic of national leadership, along with President Obama's role inside fostering the national dialogue about race, and can most likely give focus to Mr. Inside The Brief and Tragic Lifestyle involving Robert Peace, author Jeff Hobbs reconstructs the life story of his college roommate, from an unsafe neighborhood throughout Nj-new Jersey for you to Yale and the untimely death inside a drug-related shooting.

With the cool as well as steady voice, Mr. "Why I'm interested within the force regarding racism in America is as it is one of one of the most essential ways of knowing one's country. Peter Nichols's novel the Rocks draws coming from his knowledge about boats and has received wide acclaim. He argues the American dream is just open to several along with should go hand-in-hand together with black oppression.

Mr. This will possibly be Mr. "The most difficult thing is actually to obtain it clear," Mr. at the Harbor View Hotel, Edgartown. Seasonal Aquinnah resident Dick Lehr's new book, Birth of the Nation, concentrates on the racist film of the identical title and the method the African-American community organized against it. Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison features known as it "required reading."

Sara Brown contributed in order to this article.

Some possess criticized Mr. Coates will be a new part of award-winning journalist along with NPR correspondent Michele Norris in Friday to get a sold-out public discussion sponsored through the Vineyard Gazette which explores the concept of a post-racial America. With Regard To a full timetable regarding events, visit John Benditt will discuss his novel The Actual Boat Maker, a story concerning life, boat-building and love. "And I consider that's actually rather cool.". Frank's memoir, Frank: An Existence in Politics from the Fantastic Society in order to Same-Sex Marriage, can in addition be featured within the festival


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